Production Company

In the past

We would’ve been a traditional film production company, with the same pain points as the rest: How can we monetize our movies’ development? How can we finance, produce and promote them? How can we acquire an audience, how can we gain their loyalty?


If you’re interested in the creative process behind a movie, you are invited to participate (choosing characters and stages’ names; wardrobe, sets and props’ colors), to debate with the creators, to customize some pieces from the transmedia universe that validates the content. If you want to receive a proportional share of the profits (amongst other privileges), buy our merchandise (as the process starts, instead of when it ends, as we believe you would do anyway if you like the content).

In the future

We want to become a stock market for creative projects, where any creator can finance their content’s development from the simplest stages (as a novella or comic) to theater plays or movies.

Tech Startup

We use technology from other disciplines (as digital marketing) to the movie making process, creating a unique user experience and a business journey.

Our secret formula is inverting the audience acquisition order, inviting them to participate in the process.

There are other equity crowdfunding platforms to finance movies, but none offers the possibility to cocreate transmedia universes, of choosing the percentage of ownership between audience and creators.

Why Samurai?

In Japan’s antique feudal system, a samurai was a warrior serving aristocracy, held on by strict honor code. We service he audience and adhere to an absolute transparency policy.

What is transmedia?

Is the process of expanding the narrative universe of a “principal” content through different platforms, using technology to enrich the customers’ experience, inducing their participation. What we look for is giving the impression of“reality” in the web (hence, every email, web address or phone number that is shown in fiction, works as a touchpoint for the audience).


name this movie: where you can choose the names (of each character and each stage), color (wardrobe, sets and props), and the percentage of ownership between creators and audience.


gay hamlet project: our beta project, demonstrates how the platform works.


transmedia stock: the future app, where you’ll be able to buy and sell stock and read the Augmented Reality embedded in the merchandise.


Each piece of our equity merchandising:

  1. Has allocated a given number of Stocks
  2. Is part of a limited edition
  3. Has a unique, personal code
  4. Includes gamification campaigns with stock prizes
  5. In some cases, Augmented Reality grants access to exclusive or new content
  6. Grants access to thematic events (physical and digital) that promote the content.


Buy our merchandise and become a tsamurai


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